Seed central

May 26th 2018: Since this is a low budget garden experiment, I grew everyone from seeds, except the shrubberies, who came later. Here is the seedling trays bursting with their first batch of vegetables. Yellow squash, eggplant, cantaloupe, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and sweet peas. (Side note, I like to plant sweet peas because it reminds me of Steinbeck.) Various herbs also, and some flowers. They look so young and hopeful here! Sorry plant friends, I am learning as I go about Florida bugs and companion plans. So I planted a bunch of herbs and flowers to drive away bugs – yellow squash grew way more quickly than the bug repellents. They are hanging in there, but look a bit scrappier. We just picked the second yellow squash yesterday! I’m open to any suggestions – unless you’re going to tell me to rub fish guts on them. Pass.

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