Good news!

So we have been cranking out shirts non stop, so not too much in the way of new designs to chat about… until today! We aren’t done making shirts, but I am out of fabtic vinyl, so I’m switching gears and making some reusable aluminum water bottles! I have ten cute designs, so look forward to that! Also, I now have the ability to post items for sale here on the site! So I will make a listing for each item for sale in the coming days, and reorganize the site a bit. Hopefully in the future someone other than Mom and Dad will visit my site, so I want the layout to be a tad more structured.

Anyway, now we have stacks of Earth hologram shirts. I bought the shirts before I designed the shirt, and the neat steel blue lighter shirts were a nicer quality shirt on sale, but only available in adult sizes. So there are navy blue children’s shirts (2T-7T, XS-XL youth,) steel blue adult (XS-XL adult,) and navy 2XL. Why do shirt companies do that, have limited stock for 2xl? Sheesh. I am going to list them separately by color. I am able to print adult sizes on navy as a special order, if anyone would like. I have an order for a sweatshirt and a long sleeve tee as well.

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