Current projects

Although I have been quiet in the blog, things have been very busy around here! I have been working with the owners of the brand new Kenwood’s Organic Grocery Store in St. Pete making some fun promotional materials for the upcoming grand opening. Kenwood Organic aspires to be a zero-waste grocery stand, meaning they work with farms and customers to only use their reusable containers for produce. They have some great ideas on how to eliminate waste and plastic. It has been really interesting to discuss and implement conscientious production methods in order to try to eliminate or reduce waste in all areas, and to incorporate recycled materials. It has also been really time consuming. 😂 I made some reusable totes, in the image above, and used a stencil and airbrush to hand paint each of them. I have made 50 so far, some with more wabi sabi than others. The airbrush eliminates the need for aerosol paint, which would be a typical way to quickly stencil. Also, the airbrush is very versatile, being able to use many different kinds of paint, without wasting very much. Hopefully the added effort in keeping with the spirit of the company will be appreciated.

I’m still finding green paint in places.

There are other fun things coming your way! Soon to come will be:

-a store page on here for my adorable water bottles

-hopefully an Etsy shop to share with you guys

-two long sleeved Love Your Mother shirts

-a new shirt to show you all!

-other fabulous merch, some of it coming out of the recycling bin

For more info on Kenwood’s Organic in St. Pete, go to or check them out on Facebook. There have been a couple cool articles that came out locally.

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