Quarantine Update


Wonderful, I have gotten back in to this blog account, so I’ll add a quick update! I had shifted my online sales over to Etsy some time ago, which is working well. We have been staying home to isolate with the coronavirus for more than 2 months now, and I’m still not caught up posting the items I have made on the online store. I have quite a stack that can’t sell unless I photograph them and list them, and I have a queue of new drawings to print and photograph. I have a home post office set up, so I won’t have to leave the house hardly to keep my online store going.

For the current shop visit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeahButteryArts

I’m posting pics on Instagram and Facebook:



I’ve also been dabbling in other arts and crafts, sewing, TP tube sculpture, and I’ve learned a little crocheting. I even tried my hand at weaving a palm hat. I’m learning ukulele, and hopefully piano now too. There are unlimited toddler crafts on regular rotation here too. The babe is on a Lego kick recently, though he still has a good amount of time dedicated to train engineering. I love his exuberant painting and collage gluing. He has dedicated a good amount of time to digging a trench in the yard, which he likes to fill with water and build impressive viaducts for his trains.

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